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Property Description

  • Guests: 12 /
  • Bedrooms: 5 /
  • Bathrooms: 5 /
  • Community: Storey Lake /
  • Type: Signature Villa

- Single family house with 5 Bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
- Lake view
- Accommodates up to 12 people comfortably
- Gated community.
- Free Wi-Fi.
- Electronic lock.
- All rooms have flat-screen high-definition TV.
- A/C
- Hair dryer
- Resort ammenities
- Private pool*

Beatiful and modern single family house with 5 Bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, very well eqquiped. Great fully eqquiped kitchen including: stove, microwave and dishwasher. Pots and pans, dishes, cutlery and drinking glasses are also included in the house. Full laundry with washing machine and dryer.

Storey Lakes Resort is 10 minutes from Walt Disney World® and 18 minutes from Universal Studios. Guests have full use of the resort's clubhouse which includes a resort-style pool featuring a spa and waterslide with lazy river, splash pad, sand volleyball court, sport courts, playground, putting green, and lake dock.

* Pool heat can be added as an additional service to the reservation, subject to additional cost.
** BBQ grill subject to additional cost

Pool heating and barbecue grills have to be added to the reservation 48 hours prior to the check-in date. Pool heating also has a minimum of 7 sequential days.

Disclaimer: Exact décor may vary
Check in 4 p.m | Check out 10 a.m

STARTER SUPPLIES: The following starter supplies are provided in the unit: each bathroom will have: 1 small bar soap, one toilet roll and 1 trash bag; in the kitchen: 1 dish detergent, 1 dishwasher capsule, 1 sponge, 1 paper towel, 1 trash bag and 3 bottles of water; in the laundry: 1 laundry detergent . No other supplies will be provided. Please stop by the nearest Supermarket to gather any additional items you may need for the duration of your stay.

HOUSEKEEPING: There is no daily housekeeping service provided in the rental rate. Before check-in, the unit will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a professional cleaning company. Clean sheets and towels will be available in the unit. Mid-stay cleaning services during your stay can be requested for an additional fee.

FOOD: As per Florida law, we are not allowed to leave open food in the refrigerators or kitchen closets, hence, all food items will be removed after the guest checks out and no supply of items such as condiments, coffee powder will be provided prior to check in.
TRASH DISPOSAL: Please observe trash collection days and place trash in the resort dumpster daily to keep a clean home.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES APPLY IF NOT COMPLIED where owner has to send someone out to fix or repair or pay extra for cleaning.

Plugged toilet $75.00
Smoking inside unit penalty: $200.00
Moved furniture and not returned to original placement $100.00
Excessive required clean or also considered a double clean $100.00
Frozen AC (this could happen if thermostat temperature is placed below 72F) $200.00
Parties penalty: $1000
Pets penalty: $300
Extra guests penalty: $100 per person
Check out after 10am or "late check-out" is considered extra day charge

Private Pool
Private Pool

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